Review and Interpretation of Geothermal Data

The fundamental purpose of the reconnaissance and exploration phases is to determine if there exists a commercially exploitable geothermal resource.  The first assignment is to perform a desk analysis, which entails the collection and analysis of all available existing data regarding the geothermal field and its natural environment, in order to define the resource and scope of the following exploration activities.


The applicability of the collected database for geothermal resource assessments are based on the following steps:

  • Data search, acquisition and/or processing
  • Data reliability checking
  • Data reinterpretation and/ or assimilation
  • Data management

The results are summarized in a report and presented to the Client with recommendations for the next steps in the evaluation of the resource.

Mannvit Geothermal Exploration Team

Different exploration stages involve participation from various science and engineering disciplines related to geology, hydrology, geochemistry and geophysics. The Mannvit team consists of leading consulting firms in geothermal exploration, basic research and applied research. The team possesses decades of experience arising from numerous projects in Iceland, Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Mannvit’s geothermal survey and research division provides overall knowledge of geothermal exploration management and extensive skills in interpretation of geological, geochemical and geophysical surveys for geothermal evaluation, well siting, conceptual reservoir modeling, resource assessment and other related tasks. 

Mannvit’s geothermal energy division is experienced in various geothermal exploration tasks such as pre-engineering, cost estimation and drilling supervision. Mannvit’s subsidiary Vatnaskil specializes in geothermal reservoir engineering, including reservoir modeling, groundwater hydrology, surface runoff and environmental modeling.

Our Disciplines

The interpretation and evaluation of geothermal data requires an integrated approach of many disciplines. The different aspects of the natural phenomenon of fluid captivated in hot rocks and the utilization thereof touches upon several disciplines where geology, physics, chemistry and engineering intertwine.  

The Mannvit team employs highly qualified geoscientists across all disciplines related to geothermal exploration.

Five decades of geothermal energy consulting has taught us that no two projects are the same.