Sisimiut hydroelectric plant

Sisimiut 15 MW hydroelectric power plant is near the town Sisimiut in west Greenland. Mannvit did the testing and commissioning of mechanical and electrical equipment and valves. Preparation and control for efficiency measurements.  Supervision and control for mechanical installation as well as participation in testing. The plant owner and operator is Greenland Power Company, Nukissiorfiit.

Sisimiut hydropower plant in numbers:

  • Installed capacity: 15 MW
  • Turbines: 2 Francis units, vertical axis
  • Harnessed discharge: 10,4 m3/s
  • Headrace tunnel: Width/height: 4/5 m; length 4 km
  • The penstock is made of steel, 1.6 m in diameter

Sisimiut Hydroplant Greenland -


  • Testing and commissioning
  • Supervision & control for mechanical installation
  • Preparation and control for efficiency measurements