Djúpadalsvirkjun small hydropower plant

The Djúpadalsvirkjun small hydropower plant is located in Eyjafjörður in North Iceland.

Technical data: 
Client: Fallorka 
Installed capacity: 2 MW 
Turbines: 2 Francis units, horizontal axis 
Gross head: 53 m 
Harnessed discharge: 4,4 m³/s 
Annual energy production: 27 GWh 
Concrete dam: Height 3,5 m and crest length of 20m 
Headrace canal: 350m 
Penstock: ø1,4 m; length 800 m 
Powerhouse L/W/H: 13/7,6/8 m 


Final design and cost estimate. 

2 MW 
Installed capacity
2 Francis  units 
Gross head