Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Mannvit is concerned about the health of its employees and has made it a part of the company´s personnel policy to maintain a work environment that promotes good occupational health, safety and overall employee well being. Mannvit ensures that the work environment and conditions fulfill requirements for occupational health and safety.

Mannvit operates a safety management system which incorporates continual improvement and monitoring of results and ensures that legal requirements regarding occupational health and safety issues are fulfilled.

Mannvit conducts an annual review of occupational health and safety issues and objectives.

Mannvit follows its policy with employees and visitors with education and introductions.

Mannvit records accidents, incidents and “near misses” in order to learn how better to prevent future issues and regularly monitors the quality of the work environment.

Mannvit supports activities that promote better employee health

Mannvit employees place emphasis on safety when designing and managing construction projects.