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Article - 24.08.2017

Inauguration of Hydro’s pilot plant at Karmøy

Hydro inaugurated a pilot plant and the world’s most climate-friendly aluminium production at Karmøy, Norway today. Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg officially inaugurated the plant during a concert held for the occasion. Mannvit’s subsidiary, HRV Engineering, is a subcontractor to Hydro in the pilot plant project. When the pilot plant begins operation in the fourth quarter of 2017 it will have the most climate and energy-efficient aluminium production technology in the world.

Mannvit’s HRV integral role in the pilot plant

The technology pilot will be ground breaking for Hydro, Norway and the aluminum industry. Mannvit’s subsidiary, HRV has worked on the project over the last two years and has been responsible for design and project preparations for a new anode service plant providing anodes for the new potline. HRV has also been responsible for modification of the smelter bath plant. HRV's contract is based on EPCM services and covers design of the process layout, design of buildings, design of electrical distribution, preparations for contracting of buildings and all equipment, contract management, construction management, HSE management, testing and commissioning of the new anodes service plant and modified bath plant. 

“Hydro is very proud that we have managed to develop a technology that reduces energy consumption, on average, by about 15 percent per kilo of aluminium produced, which will result in the lowest carbon emissions in aluminium production anywhere in the world,” says Svein Richard Brandtzæg, President and CEO of Hydro.

Breakthrough in energy efficiency

The technology pilot is estimated to cost NOK 4.3 billion, supported by a contribution of close to NOK 1.6 billion from Enova, a Norwegian public enterprise which supports new energy and climate-related technology. The pilot plant will produce aluminium with the highest energy efficiency and smallest CO2 footprint in the world. The new technology, HAL4e, has been tested in a limited number of full-scale production cells at Hydro’s research center in Årdal, Norway. Out of the 60 cells in the technology pilot, 48 cells will operate with an energy consumption of 12.3 kWh/kg aluminium. This is well under the world average of 14.1 kWh/kg aluminium and Hydro’s own average of 13.8 kWh/kg aluminium. This technology is now ready to be tested in a full scale production plant at Karmøy.

75 000 tonnes of aluminium

The new pilot plant is adjacent to Hydro’s existing aluminium operation at Karmøy. The pilot will add 75 000 tonnes of aluminium production per year to the existing capacity of approximately 200 000 tonnes. Hydro Karmøy produces aluminium products used in plates and profiles in the construction and automotive industries, and aluminium wire for high voltage lines, amongst other applications. 


Fact sheet Karmoy Technology Pilot


(Photo: Hydro)